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032015= Fun month rappin up Winter here at KGS putting final touches on the new LINCOLN'S BEARD record. Oh boy we are excited for you to hear this suckaa!! Here is a sneak peek . Also just began yet another record of original worship songs by super talented Mary Lefrance. 7AT was back in for vocal tacks by Little Rusty (scream baby scream!!). And we had Lyn Delmastro back in for 3 more of her meditation walk thru series. Also recorded the first installment of Kingsley Garden Music Hour to be aired on the Vancouver Radio Project  Thursday evenings 7pm beginning April 2.  The show will feature music from the Pacific Northwest with a focus on SW Washington. Each episode will feature a live-in-studio guest and I was quite pleased to have Randy Cate back here for the 1st show. Next up for shows will be Orphan Train, playing Rock for Damon, a fundraiser for a wonderful member of our music  community who is recovering from a stroke last year. Thats next Friday 3/27. And finally PLEASE BOOK ME  or Orphan Train for your summer event!



012114= HELLO VANCOUVER! is  live talk show that looks at life as we live it here in this incredible corner of Southwest Washington. Orphan Train is proud to be the musical guest for the upcoming show on Jan 28 at Kiggins Theatre.   and...

 PLEASE CHECK A SHORT PROMO VIDEO HERE for Aram's solo singer set produced by Johnny Driver at 

010615= Hi and Happy New Year my Dear Web Surfers! The Holiday shows went great this season. Check out pix from the Orphan Train rock and roll Xmas party at Brickhouse. Also had my son Sam sit in for several tunes at Loowit Brewery.

After Orphan Train's performance at the community variety show HELLO VANCOUVER! on Jan 28 the gigs will get quiet as we all sequester into the cozy confines of Kingsley Garden Studio for some Muzikkmaakken! On the drawing board is the new Lincoln's Beard, Blue Eyed Son, AJ Heath, Ladytown as well as Luke and Laura. The free download of the week to the right is by Ladytown from her 3919 CD. Cheers!

121214= MERRY CHRISTMAS!! non-commercial gift ideas from wizened old craftspeople that I love:

 Chicks love jewelry... you would be a fool not to get something crafted with love from Pam http://objetrouve.webs.com or Dani www.agapantha.com. Checkem, tagem, bookmark-em.

We all have a Little Drummer Boy in our life that could use one of Scott's hand crafted cases: 

My friends at Heisen House Vineyards have had a challenging year and have made it thru stronger with some of the best wines in Pac. NW.

My dearest Natalie is the Lady of Assemblage , collage art that will blow your mind and sooth your soul.

I have an old Newbuyport pal who has become a wicked pissah painter. His work is wicked fairly priced and will be worth millions (when he is dead). That's a joke Scott Gruppe!

Don't be a %$#@ing idiot and check out my good friend Chris' Northwest Shirts. Original and somewhat trippy designs on a variety of quality clothing including scarfs (buy ya mothah a scaaahhf!)

Music that's Not Taylor Swift?  fluff and gravy is a record label born and raised in Portlad Oregon featuring a cornucopia (shitload) of great songwriters in the eclectic-folk-roots rock vein.

And then of course there is eenie meenie down in the Southlands that features some wickedly delicious alternative pop  from around the world.

The  KINK FM Homegrown Music CD is available for only $3 at New Seasons Markets in the Portland Metro area. Stuff ya Stockings!! It features 19 songs by local artists including Lincoln's Beard recorded right here at KGS!

My pal John Darnielle, who is the brains&body behind The Mountain Goats band, has just published his 1st novel, Wolf in a White Van. I ate up this fascinating book in a weekend. I am still digesting. 

Remember... these are the folks making art that will probably never have the WAL-TARG machine behind them. Help feed these guys and it will come back to you in Xmas miracles...that's a promise. Oh and by the way... any item here in the Aram/ Orphan Train catalog will make your loved one squeal with JOY!!
With Love,
Aram (jerry) 

112614 = Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all have a sweet-ass holiday with your loved ones. For those of you LOCAL, I will be breaking out the holiday tunes and MCing the Uptown Village Christmas Tree Lighting this Saturday (11/29) at 5 pm. Click here for the details! Please help yourself to the free download of Orphan Train's Sleigh Ride!

111314= Your TBT free download of the week is SNOWDAY, another track from Electric Junk. This is to welcome our 1st snow day of the season here in the Pacific NW with school cancellations as a result of out 1/100th of an inch dusting today. Happy to get started this week on a Christmas album by newcomer Heather Noonan. Also began tracking on Lincoln's Beard songs for a quick and dirty 8 song acoustic EP which should be available early 2015. I will be playing all afternoon this Saturday back at Confluence Vineyards. Then am really excited to share a bill with Freddie & Francine and Anne Marie Sanderson this Sunday at the White Eagle. Check Events page for deets.

102214= Back in the summer of 2012 I released my 4th album called ELECTRIC JUNK. The title was lifted from Mott the Hoople's All the Way From Memphis but, more importantly, reflected on the ways our society has become addicted to electronic gadgets and the media they spew forth. Saw this photo essay today and thought We Used to Talk would make a perfect soundtrack to it. Please use your gadget to download and enjoy for free. And for Godsake CALL YOUR MOTHER! xo Aram

101714= This evening I will be performing a set of Golden Oldies at Niche Wine Bar to be included in the promo film that Red Forest Films as making for my musical excursions. Please come down and be part of filming history from 8 to 9 pm. Tomorrow (Sat), I'll join Lincolns Beard at the 4th Annual Family Tradition Picnic fundraiser for My Voice Music. We play 530pm before running back to Vancouver to help celebrate Looit Brewing's 2nd Anniversary where we will play a nice long set at about 830pm Buster Sherwood also plays! Shadow Ninja Baby!!

100214= Having enormous pleasure working in studio on BLUE EYED SON's pair of single releases. What a great songwriter. Playing some solo gigs this weekend at favorite SW WA haunts. Please see Events page for deets. AND mark your calendar for the an Orphan Train show at White Eagle next month Sunday Nov. 16... With great old friends from LA Freddie and Francine as well as Anne-Marie Sanderson. Early show starts at 7. We wrap things up at 9

091814= I will be singing tomorrow at Echo Donut Lounge (friday 9/19 7pm) This place is the bees knees...the best addition to downtown Washougal in hundreds of years. FRESH donuts, great coffee, books, records, music gear and friendly people. Sarah& Bret have done a standup job in making this place a reality. Please come and support!

091114= Confluence Winery is where you can find me singing this week...Friday at 6. I am very excited to bring the sounds of late summer to this venue for the 1st time. Will be rocking with Lincolns Beard on Saturday at Caps N Taps Camas . FUN!

082614=A bunch of 'end of summer shows' this week. Mosey on over to the EVENTS page to see where I will be, and then come visit ...please bring ice.  ALSO delighted to be starting a new studio project with Eenie Meenie recording artist Blue Eyed Son.

080514= Heisen House Vineyards   a 'diamond in the rough' of a winery is dangerously close to losing their operating permit without costly changes before Sept 5. 'tis a rare occasion that Sarah and I perform together these days and each year we look forward to playing the twilight hours at this magical venue in the 100 year old barn. Dinner will be available from Mill Creek Pub and Heisen House is kid friendly with lots of open land to explore. Please join us there this Friday Aug. 8th from 6-9 and come prepared to take away a case of their exquisite wine! {The free download of 'Bombs' to the right is a great example of Sarah & Aram together} >>>>

072214= Got an earlybird show with Orphan Train this Thursday 7/24 at McMenamins Grand Lodge supporting The Low Bones we are on at 7 sharp

070614= back fro Plum Island vacation and ready to play a slew of Lincoln's Beard shows. Check out their site for dates.

061714= Wrapping up a beautifully crafted CD by veteran songwriter Rich DeVore. I had the pleasure of working with Rich in the 'Southern Cross' trio for a few years and have enjoyed working on his tunes. The record will be titled 'Wounded' and sends a touching tribute to all those that have been affected by war. It also touches on the joys and satisfaction of looking to the 'Twilight Years'. Rich crafted these songs around his 'drop D' 12 string style along with his expert standup bass skills. His wife Robin sings wonderful harmonies and I provide ear candy with percussion, electric guitars and keys.

061414= wrapping up in the studio (just in time for daddy daycare summer) is the upcoming release from songwriitng veteran Randy Cate. The album will be called 'Different kind of Same' and was  tracked at Ripcord studios by Scott Scott & then handed over to me to mix. (I LOVE MIXING!) Randy has penned songs for artists as varied as Ted Nugent to Dionne Warwick!. 

061114= Just finished up a new Luke and Laura. Contrary to rumor, this is NOT My and Sarah's POP project. wink wink

052714= Very Kind Review of new Lincoln's Beard CD:
So I've been listening to Honorary Sibling on a loop in my car for several days now with no sign of it getting old. Big kudos to you guys for putting out a hell of a good album. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a record with this much depth, maturity and sophistication. The songs themselves are catchy and strong, but I think its the song craft that really grabs me. Theres an attention to detail that is so obvious. Its easy to tell that each song was really thought out in terms of arrangement and production. I can't say enough good things about the studio work here. There are so many little details; change ups in guitar tone, banjo or keyboard fills, tasteful harmonies, etc that I don't hear on major label artists albums, let alone an indy band. And what really makes the thing shine is that none of it is overdone. Each piece of the puzzle sits so nicely with all the others, and that's no easy trick. 
Suffice to say, you knocked it out of the park, and all four of you ought to be really proud of this album. -David Redden

 051414= welcomed new VO clients Dan and April Bullard to KGS! check out their shenanigans a thttp://www.danbullard.com/


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