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111216= Hello and welcome to KINGSLEY GARDEN MUSIC. We have been rolling tape and churnin butter again in the studio after an extended gig season. 51  summer/fall shows!! Thanks to all who attended and especially to all the local venues that had me...you are HEROES for promoting local live music! 

We have some great  talent here at KGS this Fall. Kelly Parsons is in recording for the 1st time in 25 years and she rocks my world with her straightforward rock and roll energy. Full length CD coming soon. Kiley Griffus is also recording for the 1st time and she has bottled up some amazing tunes that are coming into light now... full CD release by Xmas!  Mike Riopelle is a veteran singer/songwriter from Eugene that has just begun laying down some heartfelt/heartland originals as well as great folk classics. I spent last weekend with Mike and Arbie who are hosting a podcast called Powervers, a fun, introspective and incredibly sexy show to debut very soon. We recorded 4 episodes and had lots of fun. Speaking of podcasts...Sarah Arslanian was in couple weeks back to record her latest edition of 5 Minutes of Good, this month features special guest Abby Davis Harris yo.
Lincolns Beard finally released the long anticipated LP PHIL THE SONIC VOID on vinyl at October's 'Couv Fest at the Kiggins Theatre. Recorded here last year, it's now available locally at 1709 Records,  Music Millennium as well as CD Baby. Already working on the next one!! We recorded basic tracks over at Toadhouse Studio and we are doing overdubs and mixing here at KGS. Look for a Spring release on the rocks&roll side of the street. Check the Events page for holidaze shows and please LIKE and share our Facebook page (it is very important).
Aram (Feppa)